10 Fitness Trends to Finally Leave Behind in 2019, According to Trainers

January 02, 2020 by Health

Near the end of each year, like clockwork, websites bust out their "top 10" lists of the hottest fitness trends of that year (heck, Health even wrote one just a few weeks ago). Those lists typically include the buzziest exercises (like 2019's Mirror workouts) or ones that people searched for the most (like the always-popular plank).

These trendy workouts are pretty harmless, mostly just serving as motivation for people to move more by trying something new. But, while we're talking up the most popular workouts of the past year, we're also neglecting to tackle something arguably more important: Workouts you should absolutely leave behind.

Yep, you heard that right: Not all workouts should secure a spot on your daily schedule. While movement in general is something all humans need to, you know, stay alive, the way at which we go about incorporating that movement into our daily lives (or even the type of movement we do) can sometimes be counterproductive.

Here, top trainers came out in droves to sound off on the workouts, mindsets, or exercise challenges that everyone just needs to say goodbye to, right along with 2019.

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