15 Signs Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked

June 23, 2021 by Bustle

If you've ever taken a yoga or meditation class, then you may have heard about the seven chakras. They’re energy centers within your body that can impact how you feel and behave. One such example? The heart chakra: it’s located, predictably, by your heart, and when it’s out of whack it can affect your love life.

Your chakras start at the crown of your head and travel down the body to the base of your spine, and are often described as "unblocked" or "blocked,” or “open” or “closed.” When your chakras are unblocked, you’re in balance and able to function your best, says Dani Schenone, a yoga teacher and holistic wellness specialist at wellness booking platform Mindbody. But when they’re blocked, you can experience physical and emotional changes until that balance is restored, she explains. In the case of your heart chakra, it’s associated with love and understanding when in equilibrium, says psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport. But things like stress and emotional pain — usually caused by bad memories, emotions, and/or overthinking — can close it up. The end result? It can make it difficult to form and sustain healthy relationships, she says.

Luckily, knowing the symptoms of a blocked heart chakra can help you address it head-on — but it’s an ongoing process to keep it clear. "Do not think, however, that if you remove your blockage one time you are done," she tells Bustle. "There is no one-time fix: Clearing a blocked heart chakra, just like all other chakras, is an ongoing process." She recommends staying connected to yourself so you can spot any blockage and tackle it with therapeutic activities like journaling, yoga, meditation, and even talk therapy. To help you get started, experts share 15 signs your heart chakra is blocked along with what you can do about it.

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