18 Buzzy Hotel Partnerships Paving the Way for *All* Travel To Be Wellness Travel

October 01, 2021 by Well + Good

The wellness-tourism industry is officially hitting its stride: While a 2017 Global Wellness Institute report clocked it as a $639 billion market (up 6.5 percent annually from 2015), new research released this past April from Vision Research Reports forecasts a spike to $1.10 trillion by 2028.

Part of that uptick may be linked to the way the COVID-19 pandemic has—and continues to—change so much about daily life and perceptions of wellness. A survey conducted this summer by wellness-tech platform MindBody, which aggregated data from thousands of its users, found that over 75 percent of respondents reported wellness to be more important to them than ever, with over 50 percent reporting plans to spend more money on self care over the next six months.

While these results are specific to folks predisposed to value wellness in some way (aka, people who already use MindBody), the renewed affinity for wellness is nonetheless notable—and hotels seem to agree, as many are shape-shifting their wellness offerings via new partnerships to match this new demand.

Since the onset of the pandemic, in fact, a number of hotels have struck new partnerships with fitness-, nutrition-, and recovery-oriented companies to institute expert-backed programs designed to help guests maintain healthy habits they adopted during lockdown, or to launch new ones aligned with future wellness goals.

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