3 Frozen Food Items You Should NEVER Buy From Costco, According To Health Experts

May 15, 2021 by SheFinds

Saturday may be your family’s Costco run day, but if you’re headed to the bulk store today, take warning. Health experts warn that not everything should be bought in bulk–especially if you are trying to eat healthy. If your focus is on consuming fresh, nutrient-packed foods, Costco’s frozen aisle may be your worst nightmare.

Nutritionists say that you should avoid buying foods that are disguised as healthy meal options, when they are truly just junk food–plain and simple.

“No frozen food has health benefits and can provide essential nutrients like freshly prepared food,” family physician Dr. Waqas Ahmad Buttar of Sachet Infusions warns. “Frozen foods usually mean excess processing, excess sodium, sugars, oils, and excess preservatives.” Yikes!

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