5 Wellness Trends We’re About to See Everywhere

June 28, 2022 by Newbeauty

The past few years have each been unpredictable in their own way. With the way the world is going, there’s not much that we can see coming, but experts can predict the trends we’re bound to see this year. Mindbody and ClassPass teamed up to get data from consumers and leaders of top wellness brands about what they predict the future of wellness holds. Here are the wellness trends we’re about to see everywhere.

In-person classes will be back
According to the Mindbody and ClassPass 2022 Mid-Year Wellness Trends Report, consumers in some areas are booking in-person experiences at rates that surpass pre-pandemic levels. “In February 2022, the ClassPass platform saw the most reservations since February 2020, with users booking at 10 percent higher rates than pre-pandemic times,” says the report. Additionally, data shows that 82 percent of Mindbody app users solely use the platform to book in-person experiences, with just 14 percent seeking virtual offerings. Even those consumers that begin virtually tend to transition to live experiences. Data shows that “35 percent of Americans started going to an in-person fitness class they discovered through virtual fitness.”

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