7 Calming Meditation Techniques for Beginners

May 25, 2020 by Allure

If you've been wanting to learn about meditation, now is a fantastic time. It's hard and scary out there, and there's nothing wrong with feeling anxious, unproductive, or sad. In fact, it's a normal and human reaction to what's going on right now. But so is the desire for accessible ways to feel just a little bit better, and for some, meditation can provide just that.

However, it can also be a little bit intimidating to get started — even if, in reality, you don't need much. All you really need is yourself, knowledge of a few beginner's techniques, and possibly a computer or phone if you'd like to play some calming music or guided meditations. It's time to rethink what meditation looks like. You don't need to achieve perfection at the first go-around (or ever!), you don't need to wear certain clothes, and you certainly don't need to be seated in front of some old guy who calls himself a guru. You just need to want to get started and to find something that works for you. We put together a list of meditation techniques for beginners, because we could all use some peace right now.

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