7 Unexpected Things That Exercise Can Cause Your Body To Do (Including So. Many. Farts.)

October 19, 2020 by Well + Good

The other day, I let one rip in the middle of a plank interval during a Zoom workout session. Sure, the toot resulted in some giggles (and reddened cheeks, in my case), but that’s not exactly something you hope for when you’re taking an exercise class with others—virtual or IRL. And, sorry to say, farting is just one of several weird effects of exercise to worry about.

When your body is being pushed and contracted and is moving through all sorts of shapes and poses, a number of involuntary bodily functions can happen. These side effects aren’t exactly dangerous, but they’re not the most appealing either. From the eyebrow-raising to the downright embarrassing, these are the top weirdest things that your body can do when you’re mid-workout. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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