8 Best Pilates Rings for a Hard-Core Workout From Home

August 29, 2022 by Cosmopolitan

If you're in a workout rut and are looking for some new sweaty ways to upgrade your exercise routine, then welcome! You're in the right place. A new piece of workout equipment might just be the perfect solution to challenging your muscles—and the Pilates ring is a great and affordable option for stepping up your sweat-from-home game.

Before you ask, "Is a Pilates ring really that useful?" let us just say hi, yes, and absolutely. Working out with a resistance-based exercise ring can really help to target your abs, arms, and thighs. The Pilates ring, also called the ~magic circle~, helps to create resistance, build and tone muscles in various parts of the body, and it’s super lightweight. "It’s a great tool to help practice good form and focus on the core," says Dani Chasin, Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor from Mindbody and ClassPass.

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