9 Pairs of Hot Yoga Pants That Stood up to Our Sweat Test

February 06, 2022 by Well + Good

Heated studio classes, be they hot power yoga (my exercise of choice) or something similar, are unique when it comes to the needed uniform. I’m constantly seeking out leggings that have a rise just high enough to stay up, but just low enough to allow for optimal movement; styles that are as tight as a second skin, yet feel supportive at the same time.

The prime requirement, though? Sweat-wicking power. Even when I think that I’ve found the next best thing, all too often I take them into a hot class and am disappointed by the way they handle the sweat that’s inevitably released from pores I didn’t even know existed. So, I put the newest crop of performance leggings through a personal sweat test. Below you'll find the best pairs of hot yoga pants that were able to take the heat.

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