9 Rope Exercises That Make You Break a Sweat While Building Major Strength

February 01, 2021 by Well + Good

Ah, jump rope. What once was a fun recess activity as a kid is now a full-on workout, and we’re here for it. Besides taking you back to elementary school, a jump rope offers many benefits for your health. Rope exercises aren’t just an efficient cardio workout (though they’re among the best); they help tone muscles, too.

“Many people think it’s just lower body and cardio, but you have to keep your core, shoulders, and arms engaged while you swing the rope around you,” says Keegan Draper, NASM-CPT, and fitness specialist at Mindbody, a virtual workout platform. “It helps to improve coordination as well.” Plus, jump ropes are pretty affordable and easy to take with you on the go. In other words, with a rope, the world is your gym.

Ready to shake up your cardio routine? Grab your jump rope and try these nine rope exercises, plus learn tips on how to avoid injury. And if you don’t have a rope yet, there are recommendations for that too.

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