9 Tips for Getting in the Hang of a Regular Fitness Routine

May 15, 2020 by Apartement Therapy

Truth be told, it can be a struggle to get off the couch some days, especially since being at home more doesn’t automatically equal motivation. If you’ve favorited those free virtual fitness classes only to tell Netflix you’re still there, you’re definitely not alone.

No one should pressure you (even yourself) to be more active than you can handle right now, especially since rest is valid and important in times of trauma. However, there’s no lack of evidence about how beneficial it is to move your body, with perks like improved mood and reduced anxiety, which is especially helpful these days. And staying active doesn’t have to mean doing a fitness class—going for a walk, getting a good stretch in, and taking a dance break all count. And sometimes, it just starts with proactive advice on how to take that first step.

We tapped a range of fitness and wellness experts to provide some tips on how to motivate yourself to up and going, all while staying safe at home.

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