9 Yoga Poses That Just Might Cure Your Headaches

September 04, 2021 by The/Thirty

Yoga is such a versatile practice. Sure, it's a great exercise, and the many different styles of yoga can really get your heart pumping and your body sweating, but it has so many other benefits. It can improve flexibility, and some poses and flows might relieve muscle pain. It definitely calms the mind and body, so it's de-stressing and might even help you get more shut-eye. And like any exercise, it lifts your mood.

You can also use yoga for headaches. Dani Schenone, RYT, a holistic wellness specialist at Mindbody, says that yoga alleviates stress on a physiological level, which can make it a part of your pain-management plan. "How, you ask? Well, through literally relieving tension," she explains. "Tension headaches are quite common, and they result from tense muscles around the head and neck. Yoga targets this by extending and stretching those tight spots, which releases the tension that triggers the headache. In addition, stress can be the culprit of one's headaches, and yoga is a stress-relieving practice that focuses on maintaining a sense of peace and calmness. Furthermore, yoga helps with circulation and blood flow, which can sometimes relieve the pain associated with headaches."

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