A Moment with Mindbody One

April 12, 2019 by Live the Process

Blake Beltram was meditating for years before he realized it.

The wellness entrepreneur and true-believer grew up with a love for the outdoors (despite a steady diet of processed food), but it wasn't until college at UCLA that he began to consciously consider taking care of his body. And, though he had long felt a spiritual connection to something greater, he didn’t fully connect to and comprehend it until a decade later.

At that point, he was on a downswing—frustrated by his career as an actor and writer—when he experienced a kind of calling to take his fledgling “computer tutor” gig and turn it into a proper company. After creating client management software for a Pilates studio, he realized that there really wasn’t existing software for fitness and wellness destinations. Ultimately, with the help of his high school best friend, Rick Stollmeyer, he co-founded Mindbody—a recognizable platform for anyone who regularly books studio classes and spa treatments. Now, he’s expanding that concept to include Mindbody One, a worldwide community of wellness business owners and staff.

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