Best Indoor Cycling Shoes, According To Top Spin Instructors

July 28, 2020 by Women's Health

Anyone who’s ever taken a spin on an exercise bike knows that your footwear can make or break the workout. Sure, some bikes have cages you can slip your sneakers into, but it’s clipping in (when your shoes actually attach to the bike) that gives you the security to push and pull those pedals as fast as your heart desires.

“Clipping in really affords you more stability on the bike,” says Stephen Quay, the product manager for footwear at Specialized. “And what that shoe does for you is, along with providing the proper arch and forefoot support, [it] helps to align your knee, hip, and foot through the up and down of the pedaling motion.” Not only is that going to help you avoid injury, but it’s going to help you perform more optimally when you’re doing 100 or 120 revolutions per minute.

But do you need to own a pair of indoor cycling shoes? “This really depends on your lifestyle,” says Holly Rilinger, a master instructor at Flywheel. Here are a few questions to consider before buying a pair—plus, the best indoor cycling shoes to own, according to top spin instructors.

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