Casper is offering $25 naps at it’s ‘Dreamery’ storefront in NYC

July 12, 2018 by The Drum

Mattress brand Casper has opened the doors to The Dreamery, a space it hopes will offer some rest and respite to frazzled New Yorkers who typically rely on copious amounts of coffee to stay awake.

Located in NYC, the storefront is offering 45-minute nap sessions for $25 a pop. In each of it nine sleeping nooks, guests will find a freshly made bed complete with a Casper mattress, pillow and sheets.

Those who wish to visit the space can book time via the company’s website or through apps including ClassPass and Mindbody. Walk-ins are also welcome. According to Casper, The Dreamery will also host various events focused on sleep and wellness.

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