ClassPass And Mindbody Surveys Point To The Future Of Wellness For 2022

December 14, 2021 by Welltodo

Two recently published reports by leading wellness platforms ClassPass and Mindbody point to a healthy picture for studios, salons and spas in 2022.

The reports — focused on the US market — indicate consumers are increasingly eager to return to in-person classes and appointments in the new year, while a growing number are investing in their immune, mental and even sexual wellness.

The 2021 ClassPass Fitness and Beauty Trends Report, published last week, revealed that in 2021 bookings were up 10% on pre-pandemic levels, with strength training and nail treatments the most popular categories, and dance classes trending strongly.

Promisingly, for owners of physical studios and wellness services, nine of the 10 top reservations on ClassPass were for in-person classes and appointments, such as massages and yoga workouts.

Meanwhile, this month’s annual Mindbody Wellness Index — one of the industry’s most comprehensive studies — found 37% of Americans have incorporated physical fitness into their routine, followed by yoga (14%) and wellness treatments like acupuncture (9%) to help support their mental wellbeing over the past year.

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