Could "Touchless" Facials Be the Answer to Spa Treatments in 2021?

December 17, 2020 by POPSUGAR Beauty

It's hard to imagine many beauty treatments as a truly "touchless" experience, but this is especially true with facials, where the whole point is to have an aesthetician massage, rub, and press various skin-care products onto your skin. But could that be where the beauty industry is going in 2021?

Even though a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved by the FDA and is currently being administered, experts predict it's going to be a little while before things fully return to business as usual. With that in mind, the beauty world is still looking for new ways to innovate and make close-contact services, like manicures, haircuts, and facials, safer in the new year. At celebrity facialist Georgia Louise's New York City-based spa that involves an entirely new treatment called the "Georgia Louise Touchless Bespoke Facial." Yes, you read that right: touchless.

When it comes to spa and skin-care services, it seems you'll be seeing more of this emerging category in 2021. According to Mindbody's COVID Edition: 2021 Wellness Trend Predictions, 59 percent of Americans say they're not interested in high-touch services, while 31 percent say they're willing to try a new no-touch treatment to relax during the pandemic.

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