Enjoy the Last Few Weeks of Summer With Our Editor-Approved Must Haves

August 02, 2019 by POPSUGAR

As the dog days of Summer hit, we are soaking up the last bit of seasonal sun with our selection of clothes, gear, and other healthy living products that keep us fit and fueled — and most of all, cool!

"I like taking a variety of boutique fitness classes: Mile High Run Club, Orangetheory, and SLT's Megaformer class. But sometimes it's confusing to go through a million different apps and systems just to book classes and keep track of your appointments. Mindbody makes it convenient by keeping them all in one place. I was able to book an Orangetheory class when I was out of town in Denver through the app and it could not have been easier. Mindbody has tens of thousands of studios in hundreds of cities across 140 countries. Schedule a workout for yourself by downloading it for Apple iOS here (the app itself is free)."

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