From Stretching to TV Time — Here's What 5 Fitness Pros Do on Their Rest Days

August 15, 2020 by POPSUGAR Fitness

Just like it took me a bit to get into the home workout groove when gyms closed, I also had to work at establishing a healthy rest-day schedule.

Once I discovered the at-home workouts I actually liked, and after my resistance bands and dumbbells arrived in the mail, I got in the habit of intensely working out every single day — which isn't ideal because I wasn't giving my body the proper time to recover and repair. I was potentially setting myself up for an injury and stunting my own fitness goals.

Just because I could do a workout in the comfort of my own living room with just a click of a button, doesn't mean I should do so every single day.

After some reading on establishing a workout routine for my goals, I finally got it down — and now look forward to my days off from exercise. I turn off my alarm clock so I can wake up naturally, with help from the sun peaking through my curtains. I try to spend my rest days as digitally unplugged as possible, too – truly "resting" in every sense of the word. Sometimes I go for long, leisurely walks, other times I kick back on the couch and read through a few chapters of a new book.

Getting my routine in order made me start wondering what fitness pros do on their rest days, so I reached out to five experts — from Pilates instructors to certified personal trainers — to find out.

For Mercedes Owens, a Chicago-based Barry's instructor, time spent with a good book always makes the list – oh, and some puppy bonding time, too, of course.

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