Get (or Stay) Fit at Home With the Best Workout Gear and Subscriptions of 2021

January 13, 2021 by Esquire

The past year proved one thing to me: Gyms are not merely fun adult play parks. Without gyms, I had so much untapped, unwound energy that I was running and sliding around my apartment like an uncool version of Risky Business Tom Cruise. To cope, I decided to instead spend this time finding ways to exude that extra energy in some kind of fitness-friendly way.

My problem, and probably your problem too, with self-driven workouts was the getting up and doing it. And then, hurting myself, because it turned out YouTube videos would not spot me; I injured myself trying to do home workouts in scenarios that looked like they were designed by Kevin McCallister. But these current social distancing parameters have forced me to properly learn how to use the gym gear I own, and better pinpoint ways to be fit without the help of massive machines. That's not to mention that working out at home has kept me energized and my anxiety levels down, just like the gym used to.

Here are some of the best products, services, and subscriptions I've found for getting (and staying) healthy at home, covering different interests, spatial needs, and price points. And don't worry, I have faith that you won't almost maim yourself trying them out.

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