Get ‘unstuck’ with these 15 motivation-boosting strategies

March 03, 2022 by Fast Company

No matter how successful their company is, it’s common for business owners and their teams to feel stuck in a rut. Whether employees aren’t as productive or creativity is no longer flowing, these circumstances can cause a drop in sales and have a negative impact on company culture overall.

If this feels like the situation you’re in, there are some ways to get “unstuck” and jumpstart your business’s success. Below, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board shared some tips for sparking unique creativity for your brand in 2022.


A lot of people think that creativity is a “Eureka!” moment where you are struck suddenly with a great idea or insight. That does happen sometimes; however, I believe the better way to go about it is by caring deeply, listening, and really understanding your customer. What are their opportunities, challenges and how can you help? Then jointly iterate with them to find the right solution. – Sunil Rajasekar, Mindbody

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