Here to Stay: Why Fitness Apps Will Continue Keeping us Healthy After The End of Lockdown

April 20, 2021 by Thrive Global

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, communicate and keep healthy – perhaps forever. In the age of the ‘new normal,’ we may discover that fitness apps really are here to stay.

As the health crisis continued, lockdowns began to interrupt the gym sessions and group fitness activities that many had become accustomed to before the pandemic. This led to a significant rise in the use of fitness apps like Strava – which has now grown to over 73 million users. In 2020, Strava claimed that an average of two million new users were registering with the app for the first time.

The Strava app itself utilised GPS technology to accurately record exercise, enabling users to compare their performance and effectively interact with one another in a similar way to a social media network, all without actually having to meet up.

Naturally, in a time of widespread restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the virus, Strava became particularly popular for individuals looking to keep fit whilst isolating. Other apps like Freeletics also saw seismic boosts in usage – with usage increasing by as much as 50% between March and June of 2020.

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