I’m a Trainer and This Is How to Hold the Longest Plank of Your Life

November 19, 2019 by Well + Good

Point blank: There’s a reason why planks make an appearance in everything from boxing warmups to megaformer sequences. “From sculpting to improving your posture, the plank is widely considered one of the best core exercises,” says certified trainer and MINDBODY wellness specialist Kate Ligler. She continues, noting that the plank builds isometric strength from front to back across your core. So if you’re wondering how to hold a plank for longer, we don’t blame ya.

Planks also strengthen engagement in your upper back, glutes, shoulders, arms, and hamstring, making them “a game-changer for those building functional strength.” So obviously, if you’re looking to get stronger in your plank position so that you’re able to hold it for longer, ahead Ligler and other well-respected trainers share their top tips.

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