I practiced yoga every day for a month, and I learned a valuable lesson about listening to my body

December 31, 2020 by INSIDER

The last time I did yoga I got a nosebleed.

In a dimly lit room filled with steam, I noticed droplets of blood hitting my mat as I folded myself forward. I jolted to my feet and began weaving through sweaty bodies, eventually slipping out of the studio while gripping a white hand towel speckled with blood.

About a week later, on March 15, 2020, that same yoga studio emailed to inform me that all of their New York City locations would be closing until further notice due to the coronavirus. Since March, dozens of yoga studios have closed permanently, from chain locations to smaller, boutique studios, the New York Times reported in September.

The yoga community quickly pivoted, launching a new wave of pandemic yoga. As the Times wrote, "Yoga requires only a clear mind and a few square feet of space, so it is easily converted to remote instruction." Loyal yogis quickly followed along, with Mindbody, a booking software company for the wellness industry, reporting: "Last year, one in five users said they had taken streamed or prerecorded classes, but by this June, more than four of five said they were doing so."

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