Immunity: A Trend Worth Supporting

December 22, 2021 by IDEA Health & Fitness Association

While it may not be getting the same COVID-19 notoriety as the word “pivot,” “immunity” has a spine—and it’s much more than just a keyword. Thanks to the health crisis ebb and flow of the past 2 years, consumers have taken special note of their immune systems and more people than ever are interested in boosting their natural defenses and improving their overall health. This is a very good thing for fitness and wellness professionals, whose services are backed by research as being pro-immunity superstars.

A Booster Shot of Interest

The 2022 Mindbody Wellness Index recently released “7 Trends to Watch in 2022,” which is based on survey results from 16,000 Americans who were asked to weigh in on the ever-changing wellness field. One of the key findings is increased interest in immune health, with one in three global consumers reporting they were more concerned about immunity than they were prior to 2020 (Innova Market Insights 2021). According to Mindbody’s report, this trend will continue in the new year, as 55% of the U.S. population focuses on their health and wellness. Why? Because “they want to strengthen their immune system to withstand illness and disease.”

Here are additional highlights from the survey:

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of people say that they’re more focused on health and wellness because they want to live a long and healthy life.
One in five Americans has tried new services or treatments that support immune health, and 46% are interested in trying those services moving forward—women being more interested than men.
Consumers are seeking services such as red light therapy, IV therapy (vitamin drip), detox programs, injection therapy (B12 shots), infrared saunas and salt therapies.
Fitness professionals can use this information as a starting point for planning products and services in 2022.

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