Issue No. 186: What Comes Next

June 17, 2022 by Fitt Insider

From the death of gyms to a home workout boom and back to reality, we asked industry executives for their thoughts on what comes next.

After reviewing responses and connecting the dots, these are the trends shaping the future of fitness.

Who you’ll hear from: Barry’s, Mindbody, Xponential Fitness, Technogym, Beachbody, obé, Tempo, Liteboxer, Silofit, CITYROW, [solidcore], Les Mills, FORTË, and FitLab.

Wellness Evolved

As consumers prioritize physical, mental, and emotional well-being, providing a unified experience is paramount.

The whole self. Detailing this shift, Mindbody CEO Josh McCarter said, “gyms/studios need to lean into the fact that the definition of wellness is changing,” adding:

“The fitness industry can take this as an opportunity to expand its footprint, bring customers a wider variety of services, and engage their communities.”

Related to this trend, Barry’s CEO Joey Gonzalez told us the company is talking more about mental health across digital and in-studio because members want “optimal physical and mental wellness.”

TAM. Another area of alignment, everyone we spoke with agrees the wellness market is poised to reach new heights.

Simply put, more people are participating in more forms of self-care. Plus, devoted consumers will become even more engaged. Meeting people earlier in their journey, brands can increase access to health and fitness while growing the overall market.

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