Leg Exercises Real Personal Trainers Recommend For Your Next Workout

November 23, 2020 by SheKnows

Uninspired when it comes to your workouts? If you’re feeling disenchanted with your routine, it might be time to add in some fresh new moves. And if anyone is going to know how to ramp up a workout, it’s going to be a trainer who works out everyday. From strength training to barre to yoga, top trainers shared with SheKnows their workouts for the holy trinity — arms, core and, for today, legs.

To start, welcome to leg day! Your legs are homes to some of your body’s strongest and largest muscles. In addition to looking good, your legs take you from place-to-place and giving them a bit of exercise TLC is a great way to up your endurance, reduce back pain and improve your day-to-day mobility.

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