Mindbody Keeps Your Business Model in Tip-Top Shape

January 04, 2019 by Cheddar

New Year's fitness resolutions are already hard enough to keep, but it's even more difficult when the classes you want to go to are always booked up. Mindbody, a cloud-based provider of business management software focused on health and wellness, introduced a new dynamic pricing strategy to help fitness studios get consumers the classes they want. Rick Stollmeyer, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Mindbody, joined us to discuss the new feature.

Thoughts of dynamic pricing could cause consumers to become concerned about surge pricing similar to the strategy used by Uber. Stollmeyer shares why consumers shouldn’t be afraid, saying it works both ways. Dynamic pricing can go low enough to attract price sensitive users, but high enough to provide decent growth margins to build a sustainable business.

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