Mindbody Launches Mindbody Capital to Help Power the Industry's Recovery

March 30, 2022 by Salon Today

Mindbody, a leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry, recently announced the launch of Mindbody Capital, an offering specifically designed to provide wellness businesses with easy access to funding to power their operations however they see fit.

"As we watched our industry overcome the ups and downs of the pandemic, Mindbody dedicated our resources to supporting our customers with fee relief, advocacy efforts and enhanced educational resources. We knew we could do even more to help our customers recover and accelerate their growth as we exit the pandemic," said Josh McCarter, CEO of Mindbody and ClassPass. "Almost a third of Mindbody customers plan to expand their business into more locations in the next 12 months. Supporting these businesses in funding their growth is just one of the many ways Mindbody Capital can help the wellness industry rebuild."

Statistics show the wellness industry is not only rebounding but expanding. Data from ClassPass, part of the Mindbody portfolio, reveals that in-person reservations are up 27 percent since December 2021. Additionally, February 2022 saw the most ClassPass reservations since February 2020. Looking to the future, 55 percent of Mindbody fitness customers estimate that attendance will be back to 100 percent of pre-pandemic levels by December 2022.

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