MINDBODY Rolls Out New Wellness Index

November 25, 2019 by socaltech

San Luis Obispo-based MINDBODY, which develops an online platform used by the wellness industry for managing appointments, payments, and more for businesses in the fitness, beauty, grooming, spa, and other related wellness businesses, has rolled out a new "MINDBODY Wellness Index", to rank the healthiest cities in the nation. According to MINDBODY, the MINDBODY Wellness Index evaluated the largest cities in the US by population and ranked them from healthiest to least through a proprietary scoring algorithm, provides a snapshot of health in America's largest urban centers. The 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index placed Miami, Florida, as number one on the list; interestingly enough, there were no cities in California among the top 10. MINDBODY said the index uses such factors as consumer fitness behaviors, frequency of receiving wellness services, BMI, alcohol consumption, connection to community, healthy eating, and spiritual wellness for its ranking.

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