Mindbody's 2022 Wellness Index Points to New Service Opportunities for Salons and Spas

December 09, 2021 by Salon Today

After surveying more than 16,000 general population adults in the 50 largest cities in the United States, Mindbody releases its 2022 Wellness Index, one of the wellness industry's most extensive studies. This year, the study foresees great opportunity for growth in the industry as recent trends reveal the definition of wellness is evolving to be more inclusive of intellectual wellness, immune health, sexual wellness and more.

Some of the leading trends include:

From the inside out: Increased interest in immune health. In 2022, an increased focus on immune health is expected to continue, with one in five Americans having tried new services or treatments that support immune health and another 46% saying they are interested in trying those service moving forward.

Intellectual wellness: Your biggest asset. More than a quarter of Americans ranked intellectual wellness--which encourage one to explore new concepts, enhance skills and challenge the mind--in the top three most important dimensions of wellness. However, only 50% of Americans say they spend time on creativity and stimulating activities--allowing for much growth in this market.

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