New report shows Miami is the healthiest city in America... but which is the least healthy?

February 05, 2020 by TopTenReviews

There are countless factors which contribute to health, and apparently where you live is one of them. This is according to wellness app Mindbody, which has published a new report on the healthiest cities in the U.S. The wellness index, which surveyed 20,000 Americans in the nation's 50 biggest cities, looked at factors such as frequency of physical activity, BMI, alcohol consumption, connection to community, healthy eating and even spiritual wellness, emphasizing that health is about much more than just fitness.

The results found that Miami, Florida is America's healthiest city, with 80% of residents using the best treadmills or best home gyms to work out at least once a week. Miamians also know how to integrate wellness into their routines, with 69% opting for integrative health services, like massages and chiropractic care, at least once a year.

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