Q&A with Mindbody Capital Director Shari Castelli About Company Launch

March 31, 2022 by Athletech News

Shari Castelli, the Director for Mindbody Capital, tells Athletech News what differentiates the company’s newest offering from competitors, her long-term vision for her company, and how the company plans to leverage its data and technology

Athletech News (ATN): What differentiates Mindbody Capital from competitive offerings?

Shari Castelli: Traditional loan applications are a great option for those who qualify – but the process can be lengthy, and lenders often require strong personal credit and/or a personal guarantee in exchange for financing. Additionally, the application process for online advances requires significant documentation and little wiggle room on the terms.

Mindbody Capital differs from other financing options due to its speed, seamlessness, and flexibility. Customers who qualify can accept offers from Mindbody Capital in just a few seconds – and they will receive their funds within 2 business days of acceptance. There is a simple, one-time fee, and repayment is done automatically by withholding a flat percentage of daily sales. This means that owners pay more when their sales are strong, less when sales decrease, and nothing when the business is closed. This level of flexibility is especially valuable when operating in an industry that is both heavily seasonal and quickly evolving!

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