Read These Trainer Tips Before Buying Ankle Weights For Your Home Workouts

August 01, 2020 by POPSUGAR Fitness

When you're stocking up on at-home fitness gear, you obviously want to make the smartest purchase possible — not only because you shouldn't waste your cash on something that falls apart, but also because each piece of equipment comes with its own set of unique best practices, benefits, and downsides.

If ankle weights are on your agenda, you'll want to check out these trainer tips before clicking buy on what's sitting in your cart. Sure, a set of ankle weights is a cheaper (and less involved) purchase than an at-home cable machine, but this fitness tool isn't advisable for everyone — especially if you have an ankle or knee injury. From the exercises to never do with ankle weights to the importance of a strong core, this pro advice will help you in your search.

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