RHONY: What to Know About the MindBody App Leah & Sonja Use For Fitness

September 04, 2020 by ScreenRant

Fashion, lavish living, and almost unrealistic lifestyles are how the Real Housewives of New York roll. Keeping their bodies fit, healthy, and pristine is often a big deal when it comes to socialites and these two are no exception to the rule. Most people with wealth do so with fancy personal trainers and chefs but these pedestal held housewives use something almost anyone can get ahold of to keep fit and beautiful.

It's called the MindBody app and is available on both Android and iOS. Users sign up and create an account and are then connected to bunches of businesses in the health, wellness, fitness, and beauty industries. An example would be if an individual was interested in going to a fitness class they could log in, choose a business, select their date, time, and type of class, and then be all set to go.

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