Sweet Peace’s Green Choices Inspire Students to Take Yoga Off The Mat

July 25, 2018 by Yoga & Spa Magazine

Many yogis in both the East and the West believe genuine yoga is impossible without ahimsa. Some choose to eat lower on the food chain, refraining from consuming meat, which not only spares animals’ lives, but also places less strain on the environment. Ahimsa off the mat can assume many other forms as well. I spoke to Liz Roodman, E-RYT 200 and owner of Sweet Peace Yoga where I practice in Kirkwood, about how her studio is encouraging ahimsa around the clock.

Leveraging Paperless Check-in
Last December, Sweet Peace traded in its old-school paper sign-in for a wifi-enabled check-in tablet. According to Liz, this reduces the waste of over 25 sheets of paper a week, or 1300 sheets a year. The kiosk makes the most of Mindbody’s yoga software and check-in is now a playful, interactive process.

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