The 5 Best Running Apps to Help You Rack Up Your Miles

December 18, 2020 by Byrdie

Running may seem like one of the most straightforward workouts—lace-up a pair of sneakers, throw on a heart-pumping playlist, and you’re good to go. In reality, that’s far from the truth. Running requires a lot of skill, learned by proper conditioning and practice, especially to avoid injury. Since not everyone has the access or means to hire a coach, a running app is a great tool for hitting your stride, whether you’re a pavement-pounding pro or easing your way into the sport.

There are several crucial features to look for in a running app. Keegan Draper, CPT and fitness specialist for Mindbody, says distance, heart rate, and pace tracking are most important. Once you start advancing, mapping and elevation tools help (and motivate) by providing route suggestions and popular segments completed by other app users. A GPS tracking service is an indispensable feature as well, especially for emergencies or if you get lost. Fitness expert Anthony Crouchelli suggests tempo variety features for advanced athletes, too. “Change up those paces, and work towards being comfortable in a new pattern to unlock your future potential,” he urges.

Social and competitive features are also beneficial and make runs a lot more fun. Many running apps have them, and they’re great for holding yourself accountable, keeping you striding toward your goals and feeling like a part of a community.

Ready to start racking up those miles? Ahead are five trainer-recommended running apps to help you do so.

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