The Business of Wellness with Josh McCarter, CEO, Mindbody

July 12, 2021 by Welltodo's The Business of Wellness Podcast

My guest today is Josh McCarter, the CEO of Mindbody, an organization that really needs very little introduction. Mindbody is the global leader in business management software empowering gym, spas and salons worldwide to reach consumers more efficiently. It’s a company that has a profound vision to empower more people to engage in wellness more often through technology. In this conversation, Josh and I talk about how Mindbody has navigated enormous growth over the years, and in his role as CEO, how he leads, taps into future trends, leans into the experiences that customers are having on the ground, and especially how the Mindbody team have done all of this in the face of a global pandemic. We talk about transitioning to remote work, driving innovation, the new omni-channel approach to digital consumption of wellness services, and what the future holds for the wider industry.

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