The Gym Essentials You Need (Now That Gyms Have Reopened)

May 21, 2021 by NY Magazine's The Strategist

With COVID cases dropping and vaccination rates rising, gyms have finally been allowed to reopen, allowing us to feel safe returning to Pilates, spin class, or HIIT sessions. Studios have gone to great lengths to make their classes safer, like installing advanced air-filtration systems and instituting new requirements like temperature checks and hands-off adjustments during class. And although the coronavirus doesn’t primarily spread through surfaces, lots of gyms have cut back on shared equipment and amenities. That means if you typically grabbed a mat or towel before heading into class, you’ll now have to come prepared with your own. Fortunately, we’ve spoken to lots of fitness pros over the years about their favorite equipment — especially during lockdown, when people were stocking up their home gyms — so we have plenty of recommendations for everything from Pilates-specific mats to towels that’ll cover your spin bike’s handlebars. You may even find you like your new gear better than the heavily used communal options you were grabbing pre-COVID.

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