The Makers of Messenger[AI] Say It Can Do All the Work of a Full-Time Receptionist

June 21, 2021 by Athletech News

Mindbody is marketing Messenger[AI] to small-to-medium-sized fitness businesses as a solution that takes the place of a receptionist.

Many a fitness center employee has been teaching a class or cheering on a personal training client to do an extra crunch, when the phone rings. On the other end is a potential customer who will, for the time being, go ignored. It’s not optimal for businesses that thrive on customer connection, but how can they afford to leave the customers they have in the building for the one (or the potential one) on the line?

For fitness businesses constantly missing phone calls, Mindbody says it has a chat bot that can do most of the work of a full-time receptionist. Messenger[AI] not only makes appointments and takes payments but also answers specific questions about a business’ offerings, according to Ron Fisher, the company’s director of strategic product growth.

“Essentially what it is is an artificial intelligence receptionist that is now designed for fitness and appointment-based businesses,” he said, “and what it can do is anything a human can do over the phone, whether that’s booking an appointment, booking a class, selling a package, selling membership, answering customer questions, following up with customers.” However, it does not operate over the phone but via Facebook, text messaging and interface on the business’s website.

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