The One Food You Should Stay Away From Because It Makes Hair Loss SO Much Worse

June 05, 2021 by SheFinds

Experiencing hair loss, especially when it seems to come out of nowhere, can be downright frightening. You may not be sure of the root cause of your hair shedding, but there’s one thing you do know: you’ll do whatever it takes to get it under control. Before you turn to Amazon or your local pharmacy and start buying up one expensive serum after another, some experts say the first place to look to is your diet. There are nutrients you could be missing in your diet — and ingredients that may be making a negative impact on your hair. This is the one food many experts say you should stay away from because it could make hair loss much worse.

There isn’t one simple food you should stay away from to reduce hair loss, but rather an ingredient in several foods that could be contributing to inflammation that contributes to hair shedding. The culprit? Sugar.

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