The Postpartum Workout Advice Fitness Experts Swear By

April 30, 2021 by SheKnows

All fitness experts advise women to talk to their doctor before returning to their fitness routine after giving birth. If given the green light from your medical team, the next step is to take things nice and slow and ease back into a postpartum workout that is both effective and safe for you. Because let’s face it — your body just went through an entire workout giving birth and your body has definitely changed as a result of both your pregnancy and labor.

“After giving birth, a woman’s body is undergoing several physical, hormonal and psychological changes,” AKT’s Master Trainer, Alissa Tucker, tells SheKnows. “During pregnancy, the muscles of the core are stretched, often leading to back pain and if a woman experiences a C-Section or Episiotomy during labor, she will experience even more severe changes and inability to connect to her deep core musculature.”

While most women are cleared for exercise by their doctors after six weeks postpartum, says Tucker, it’s important to remember everyone is different. “While certain exercises should be avoided for some women, beginning the process of reconnecting to your deep core muscles can begin immediately after birth for most with core breathing exercises and light movement.”

If you’re ready to add some exercise to your already-packed schedule, here are the best expert-recommended postpartum workouts and advice to follow.

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