The Salesforce of Sun Salutations

June 30, 2018 by Slate

When Corbin Stacy decided to start his own yoga studio, he didn’t expect software to be a big part of the process, or really any part of the process. “Everybody thinks, ‘I love yoga, I’m going to open a yoga studio. I’ll put some paint on the walls and call it a day,’ ” Stacy said.

But eight months after opening Yoga Home in Pompano Beach, Florida, Stacy has realized that his business requires a lot more than good karma and a steady stream of Zen-seekers to run. Like a lot of businesses, his relies on management software—in this case, from a company called Mindbody, which in the yoga world has become almost as fundamental as downward-facing dog. “It keeps me relevant,” Stacy said. “Especially down here in South Florida,” where the heavy density of yoga studios means even the most transcendentally accomplished studio owner can use a technological boost.

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