The Stretches for Glutes That Will Take the Edge Off an Intense Leg Day

February 26, 2020 by Well + Good

Whether you kickbox, spin, or do scrambled eggs on a Megaformer, you’re likely all too aware of how tight your bum can get after a good old-fashioned leg day. Instead of wincing for 48 hours following your workout, it’s time to add a few stretches for glutes into the mix.

“It’s the workout of the week I never miss,” says Kate Ligler, a certified trainer and MINDBODY wellness manager. “But leg day also requires attention to detail in terms of recovery. Tightness and adhesions (aka ‘knots’) in your body’s tissue are a natural response to exercise intensity. The good news is that releasing tension at the hips and glutes through some simple movements can help to release tissue and muscle tension, restoring range of motion and helping to re-engage muscles to their full strength and power following a workout.”

To ensure that you stretch out your booty in a soothing and effective way, Ligler and a couple other trainers offer up their wisdom to help you get the job done. Ahead you’ll discover a handful of stretches to incorporate into any recovery routine.

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