The "Thread The Needle" Pose Is Your Hero For Hunched Shoulders

July 28, 2022 by Bustle

If your life revolves around sitting at a desk with rounded shoulders as you type or look down at your phone, then you need to stop everything, unfurl a yoga mat, and try the “thread the needle” pose. Like, right now.

The thread the needle pose is the ideal stretch for undoing all the side effects of poor posture. Not only does it open up tight shoulders, but it also stretches your back and facilitates a gentle spinal rotation, says Joy Puleo, MA, PMA-CPT, PT, ACSM, a certified Pilates instructor and director of education at Balanced Body. This move also helps improve rounded shoulders by gradually realigning your spine, adds Denise Prichard, an RYT-200 hour certified yoga instructor and wellness council member for Mindbody and ClassPass. All things that’ll feel so, so good after sitting at a computer for hours on end.

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