These 10 Stretches Will Feel So Good After a Long Day of Working from Home

March 31, 2020 by Martha Stewart

Quarantine: It's not a word that you ever imagined saying on a regular basis. And yet now, in the midst of COVID-19, quarantine—along with social distancing and self-isolation—is now part of our daily vernacular. We find ourselves homebound, losing track of time as we're discouraged more and more from going outside. As a result, we're spending unprecedented amounts of time on the couch, clicking from one show to the next, or, if we're fortunate enough, working from home.

No matter how you're spending your time inside, one thing's for sure: You're likely sitting in one spot far more than you would on any given normal day. Because of this, you might start to develop tension in your body due to poor posture and general stagnancy. "The unfortunate truth about adaptability as humans is that we adjust just as quickly to negative stressors, like poor posture, as we do to positive stressors, like exercise," says MindBody wellness specialist Kate Ligler. "The upside, however, is that our bodies can continue to thrive even after a long day of sitting if we integrate a great post-workday recovery routine with a few simple movements."

That's where we—along with Ligler and Pure Barre's VP of Training & Technique, Katelyn DiGiorgio—come in. We've rounded up 10 of the best stretches to do at home after a long day of sitting in one spot. And while these feel-good exercises come in handy now more than ever, they'll be just as beneficial once we return to the (more active) intricacies of normal life.

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