These Are the 2022 Wellness Trends You Need to Know About

January 01, 2022 by The/Thirty

Here we are... at the beginning of 2022. I don't know about you, but the thought of a new year is both exciting and daunting. My mind seems to race every time January 1 rolls around. Where did 2021 go? What are my goals and aspirations for 2022? Can I take a nap already?

But there's something so freeing about a fresh start. The start of the new year is like a "choose your own adventure" game. You get to decide how you want to begin the year and which things you want to try to enrich your life. From a wellness angle, that can mean a variety of things: trying new workouts, incorporating buzzy foods and ingredients into your meal plans, testing out new methods of self-care, and just finding new ways to improve your life.

To help you explore which wellness trends to try in the new year, I reached out to a bunch of experts in the space to get their trend predictions. They shared their thoughts on what will be big this year and what they're looking forward to across all facets of the wellness world: fitness, diet, sexual health, mental health, and more. Take a look at their predictions below for the inside scoop.

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