These Are The Best Arm Exercises Recommended By Real Personal Trainers

September 16, 2021 by SheKnows

Switching up your workouts is a really great way to make sure your mind and body stay engaged — and especially when you’re working out at home, you may not have the same motivation you’d have while attending classes or physically going to the gym. And if you really miss the gym experience of being able to get some advice on what to do with your body from people who actually understand the science behind it and you’d kill for some pointers on how to target the areas you want to give extra TLC to, our latest personal trainer-approved workouts can totally help you out.

SheKnows spoke with a few top personal trainers with expertise ranging from barre to yoga about the targeted workouts they’d recommend to clients for their legs, core and, finally, arms.

So instead of relying on your standard arm workout (like, maybe you do really love your kettlebells, but they can get old!), check out these routines for strong, toned arms that our favorite personal trainers love — and see if you don’t feel like a superhero by the time you’re done.

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