These At-Your-Desk Stretches Will Be The Best Thing You Try Today

July 04, 2022 by HudaBeauty

Dealing with a stiff body is the worst, and sometimes we don’t even realize just how much tension we’re holding onto. This buildup of physical stress and tightness can usher in gnarly headaches, make us more prone to injury, and can even affect our ability to catch some quality shut-eye. And let’s be real, it can also make us feel like crud.

Yoga is forever touted as a viable tool that can help release built-up tension – and for good reason. It’s effective as hell. While a full-on flow is a real game-changer, it’s an unlikely option at the office. Cue office yoga, which doesn’t require you to roll out your mat and get your downward dog on in front of your colleagues.

Office yoga is all about doing simple movements at or near your desk that can help you stretch, relax, and find some grounding even on the most high-paced workdays. We reached out to two fab yogis who were eager to share their favorite office yoga moves.

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