This Buzzy Workout Trend Will Change The Way You Think About Fitness In 2022

January 03, 2022 by The Zoe Report

For years, restrictive diets, Instagram influencers, and misinformed trainers have conflated fitness with losing weight and achieving a certain “look.” But more recently, the conversation around fitness started to change, as more people focused on the well-being and mental health benefits of exercise instead of aesthetic goals. The pandemic propelled this shift even more because quarantine and grieving in isolation forced many to see exercise as a form of practicing self-care.

“People are becoming much more aware of fitness being about wellness and not necessarily weight loss. People are taking a holistic approach to health care by evaluating their lifestyle, and fitness is part of that,” says Pete McCall, host of the All About Fitness Podcast and author of Ageless Intensity: High-Intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process.

According to Mindbody’s 2022 wellness trends report, which surveyed more than 16,000 Americans, exercise became an outlet for relieving stress and anxiety for many in 2021. The survey showed that 43% of respondents exercise to feel better mentally, and 37% of Americans incorporated a fitness routine to help support their mental well-being.

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